Chef Nancy Stein
Restoring America's Health

Chef Nancy A. Stein

Plant Based Chef/Instructor
Author & Lecturer

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Chef Nancy Stein is a plant based chef operating from Winter Haven Florida. She creates and offers new and delicious plant based cuisine and recipes that are both healthy and delicious. With a focus on Health & Wellness, Nancy has been serving the Central Florida area through her company Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living  since 2010. She presents her delicious and nutritious recipes at many various events in and around the Central Florida area at health fairs and private gatherings.
Nancy received her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University under a program developed by Dr. T. Collin Campbell. Prior to her work in the field of Nutrition and Health, Nancy served with Delta Airlines in many capacities over her twenty five (25) years. Her experiences included working as a Flight Attendant, Reservations and Ticketing, Baggage Service and as a Lead Hostess in the premier Delta Crown Rooms in Detroit and Orlando. She understands the stresses and challenges of the job and how it impacts diet and lifestyle choices.
Nancy often offers her services Pro-Bono to many and works with some of the leading purveyors of Plant Based Lifestyle and Nutrition. These include the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Good Samaritan Village (Kissimmee Florida) and other local health and wellness focused groups. Nancy has given demonstrations of her cuisine and cooking skills at Orlando Earth Day, local health studios and senior living communities.
Nancy is a regular professional presenter at New World Wellness in Kissimmee Florida for the past several years. She offers a wide variety of cuisine at events and makes presentations to various groups about the benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle.  She is an accomplished speaker and has a variety of presentations that demonstrate the Delicious and Nutritious nature of a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle.
Nancy offers advice and recipes to her more than 19,500 followers on her popular Pinterest Site, where she offers over 20,000 plant based recipes and tips, as well as though her several different web sites. Working closely with her husband, Skip Stein, a Nutritional Holistic Prostate Cancer Survivor, she has worked diligently to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle approach to support disease reversal and prevention.
Through her classes on Plant Based Cuisine, Nancy has trained many people how to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. The Corporate Wellness Programs, is focused on Business Communities and offers programs to promote both health, wellness and productivity.

Chef Nancy is a well received author of the popular book, "Restoring America's Health" and had had very favorable reviews from readers and from Naked Food Magazine.